After The IPod Touch Was Announced To Be Discontinued, Some Configurations In Stock Quickly Sold Out

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Just a day after Apple announced that it would stop producing the iPod touch, some configurations of the portable music player in Apple's online store in the United States have been listed as "sold out" For example, in the United States The iPod touch with 256gb storage space in any color can no longer be ordered on. Com, and the product red model with 128GB storage space is also listed as "sold out" in the United States.

The inventory may still fluctuate in the next few days, but it is clear that after the announcement of farewell to the iPod product line, the purchasing power of collectors from all walks of life makes Apple The remaining inventory of iPod touch is rapidly running out.

The first generation of iPod was launched in October 2001. It is one of the most representative products of apple. However, given that Apple has a large number of products that can play music, including iPhoneiPad , apple watch, homepod mini, etc., the shutdown of the device becomes inevitable.

"Today, the spirit of the iPod continues," Greg joswick, Apple's marketing director, said on Tuesday. "We have integrated incredible music experiences in all our products, from iPhone to Apple watch to homepod mini, as well as MAC, iPad and Apple TV. Apple music provides industry-leading sound quality and supports spatial audio - there is no better way to enjoy, discover and experience music."

Although the inventory of Apple's online store is decreasing, the iPod touch can still be purchased at selected Apple stores and Apple authorized dealers until it is sold out.

The latest seventh generation iPod touch was released in May 2019. It uses a 4-inch retina display, A10 chip and the classic home key without touch ID.

Once the iPod touch is completely sold out, Apple will no longer sell any iPod. Many people say it marks the end of an era.

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