Amd Zen4 Branch Attack 96 Cores And 128 Cores: The Same Interface

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The Ruilong 7000 series processor based on AMD zen4 architecture is ready to come out, and is expected to reach 24 cores at most. Of course, it is more likely to continue to have 16 cores. In the data center, the next generation Xiaolong 7004 series will be released. In fact, as early as last November, amd officially announced the road map of the next generation of Xiaolong. The product code of zen4 is "Genoa" (Genoa), with up to 96 cores, and the code of zen4c architecture is "Bergamo" (Bergamo), with up to 128 cores. All support ddr5 and PCIe 5.0.

"C" in Zen 4C stands for cloud, which is mainly aimed at cloud service load scenario optimization.

According to the newly exposed official PPT, zen4 Genoa has excellent single channel performance and single core performance. It also supports CXL interconnect bus, which can bring breakthrough memory bandwidth and enhanced security.

Zen4c Bergamo is a high-performance product for cloud native computing, with a leap in performance and energy efficiency, and has a complete zen4 architecture instruction set , without any simplification.

At the same time, it can be confirmed that Genoa and Bergamo adopt the same packaging interface and based on the same platform, that is, they are SP5 lga6096 , which has almost half more contact pins than the current SP3 lga4094, and the area is from 75.4 × 58.5 mm to 80.0 × 76.0 mm.

In addition, AMD is also preparing another new interface SP6 lga4844, between SP3 / SP5, with a size of 75.4 × 58.5mm. The corresponding processor is a simplified version of Genoa and Bergamo, with up to 32 zen4 cores or 64 zen4c cores.

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