CEO Of Epic Games Called Apple App Store "harm To Developers"

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According to macrumors, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, said that Apple's App Store (which has helped app manufacturers earn more than $260 billion since its launch) is a "harm" to developers, forcing them to treat their applications as "substandard"**

Sweeney made the above remarks in an exclusive interview with the financial times. He repeated the key points of Epic Games's previous conversation about Apple and how Apple "anti competition" and "monopoly". Sweeney said Apple "won fairness" in persuading customers to buy its hardware products, but claimed that forcing customers to use the app store was unfair.

The problem here is a typical monopoly relationship. You start with hardware. Apple makes smartphones and they profit from their smartphones - they deserve it. However, they force all people who buy their smartphones to exclusively use their app store to obtain digital content. They prevent all other app stores from competing with 1 billion end-users on hardware. This is the first link, which completely hinders all competition and market forces that will shape better app stores and better consumer transactions.

According to Sweeney, Apple has taken advantage of the unfair development of its hardware and other competitors in the past.

Sweeney criticized the app store itself as a platform, saying that although Apple tried to promote it as a service, it was actually "a harm to developers". Sweeney said: "the app store is not a service. The app store is a kind of harm to developers. The app store forces developers to treat their software in a sub-standard way, gives customers a sub-standard experience, and raises the price of digital goods by charging uncompetitive handling fees and processing fees."

Apple has said that since its launch, the app store has helped developers earn more than $260 billion and promoted the IOS application economy, creating more than 2.2 million jobs in the United States alone.

Epic Games has been involved in a large-scale lawsuit against apple, which began in 2020 and is now in its second year.

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