Exposure Hon Hai will assemble Apple car positioning more than 650000 more than BBA car price

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*Although Apple hasn't officially confirmed the car making so far, the news about the falsehood and reality of Apple cars has also attracted extensive attention from the outside world. According to reports, the well-known informant leaksappro said that apple is likely to entrust Hon Hai (Foxconn parent company), a long-term partner in assembling iPhone, to be responsible for car production, * and the release of Apple cars will still be in 2025 or even the end of 2024, Although the actual time of listing and mass production may be different from the release date.

meanwhile, apple reported It will not launch mass market electric vehicles, its electric vehicle positioning will be a high-end market of US $100000 (about 660000 yuan) or more, competing with Tesla's model s rather than model 3**

From this point of view, apple car's positioning will be higher than the traditional luxury car BBA brand, which is expected to be close to brands such as Porsche, and apple car pays more attention to technology, intelligent experience and automatic driving ability.

However, Apple's business progress seems to have been not very smooth. Some time ago, it was revealed that almost all of Apple's auto management team left, but apple is also preparing to restructure its auto team.

In fact, although Apple has not officially indicated its entry into the automotive industry, it is in technology and mobile phone The influence and dominance of the digital circle are likely to extend to the automotive field.

At present, Apple has not announced any apple car, but many people in the automotive industry have said that Apple will be a strong competitor.

Li Bin, founder of Weilai, said, Weilai's ultimate opponent is apple, mainly because both pursue one direction, so it may be both teammates and opponents in the future**

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