How To Water Your Flowers

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Table vinegar

Every half month or so, water the flowers with vinegar water in the ratio of 50:1 with water and vinegar, which can prevent yellowing disease of azaleas, camellias and other acid-loving flowers, and can encourage the flowers to increase in size and brightness.


Watering flowers with shabu-shabu beer bottle water will promote growth in summer and make the leaves thick and green in winter. If watered on monarchs, it increases the width of the leaves and sharpens the veins. Watering chrysanthemums from the time the buds appear will make the flowers more fragrant.

Cow's milk

Fermented milk (spoiled milk) contains more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer and can flourish when watered with more diluted water. Unfermented milk is not suitable for watering flowers. The large amount of heat generated when it is fermented will "burn" the roots (i.e. rot them).



Watering cacti with 1% to 2% light salt water will enhance their resistance to disease. As cacti have some salt tolerance.

Tea streak

Watering flowers with fermented residual tea water can not only maintain water, but also slowly release nitrogen fertilizer and improve the structure of the potting soil mass. However, depending on the temperature of the pot, it should be watered regularly in a measured manner, rather than just pouring the residual tea to water.

Rice wash water

Fermented rice water watering camellia, gardenia, osmanthus and other flowers and trees, not only grow strong, and can be more flowers, flowering period, flower fragrance.


Boiled egg water

The water in which the eggs have been boiled is rich in minerals, and watering the flowers with this water will make them flourish and brightly colored.


Various devices are used to make equipment for storing rainwater, so that the collected rainwater can be used as water for general watering and can replace water sources.

Fish farming water

If you have plants and fish, you can use the water from the fish tank to water the flowers.

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