NVIDIA Released Geforce 512.77 Graphics Driver: Optimize Three Games And Fix DX Crash

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NVIDIA recently released geforce game ready 512.77 WHQL graphics card driver, which is a game optimization driver. It mainly provides optimization support for three games: Evil Dead: the game, Dumont and Vampire: Blood Hunter. Geforce game ready 512.77 WHQL graphics card driver mainly provides optimization support for the game "Evil Dead: the game" the game performance can be improved to the greatest extent through NVIDIA DLSS technology**

At the same time, "Dumont" and "Vampire: blood clan - blood hunting" have also been optimized by the new driver.

In terms of bugs, the 512.77 driver only fixes the intermittent crash caused by DirectX related functions in [Adobe Premiere Pro] software, and does not mention the problems in the game

There are also 3 known problems:

  1. When using the GPU of ampere core and outputting audio / video through HDMI 2.1 interface, the audio in Dolby atmos format may not be outputted.
  2. When using the cac-1085 adapter, the maximum output resolution is [email protected]
  3. When using geforce RTX 3090 Ti graphics card, the system cannot recognize oculus rift s / PImax 8K x VR device.

Driver download page:

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