The Universe Not On Your Side? McDonald's Says It Can

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Do you know what the date of May 10 is? If you do a search, you will find that it seems to be just an unusual day in the middle of May. But that may not be the case for those who know something about astrology, because this is the day when the second water reverse of 2022 begins.

As part of astrology, the twelve signs of the zodiac and their related contents are now popular all over the world, and many people use them to understand themselves and others, or use the horoscope as a reference for their daily behavior. Those who are interested in horoscopes are more or less uneasy about the approach of the 'watery day'.

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To give customers a piece of comfort during the watery period, a special has popped up in the McDonald's (overseas) App - from May 10 - 11, get a free McChicken burger (McChicken) or McDouble burger when you buy medium fries (this burger can't be a double cheeseburger, as it only has one slice of cheese).

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It also reads on the promotional page, "If the universe can't be on your side, at least a free McChicken can." Not only is there a free burger, but McDonald's has invited Madam Adam, who studies astrology, to give a tarot reading on May 10.

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Anyone who follows astrology will no doubt be familiar with the term 'water reverse', an astrological event that affects all people and is considered by many to be an inescapable 'bad luck time' during which many things seem to get in the way.

The most unpleasant thing is that the "water reverse" occurs 3-4 times a year and lasts for three or four weeks each time.

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In fact, in the ever-changing universe, "water retrograde" is a normal astrological sign. It does not mean that Mercury is really running in retrograde, but it is due to the change of Mercury's orbit and speed, which causes a visual change when we observe it from the Earth, making it look like Mercury is in retrograde.

Because in Western astrology, Mercury is believed to rule the human mind, the way of thinking and communication, and there are too many uncertainties during the 'water reverse' period, so problems are more likely to arise in these areas.

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McDonald's is not the only restaurant brand to launch astrological content related to astrology, and this is not the first time McDonald's has launched a deal related to the 'watery day'.

Mexican restaurant Del Taco has previously announced that members can enjoy buy-one-get-one-free chicken tacos on a limited menu during four watery periods in 2022. The American food company Dole has also previously offered twelve salads corresponding to different zodiac signs.

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So it seems that 'water reversal' has nothing to do with McDonald's, it's just a way for the restaurant brand to promote itself, after all, using astrology to attract customers seems to be quite cost-effective.

Mark Kalinowski, CEO of Kalinowski Equity Research, has mentioned that using astrology to attract customers is an easy business decision for fast food chains.

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As astrology is popular among many young people, it means it's a way to reach younger customers. And attracting a younger customer base is key to the chain's ability to 'live longer' and it's also cheaper than paying for a spokesperson.

People love free stuff, and with the McDonald's campaign, you can get free food just by acting on the app, and those who participate are likely to spend more at McDonald's in the future over time. What's not to like about a multi-tasking approach like this.

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