Top Gun 2: Grossed $124million In North America At The First Weekend

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Tom Cruise's top gun 2: Lone Ranger sold well at the box office at the first weekend of its release, earning a record $124million at 4732 theaters in North America. This has also become the first Tom Cruise film with a box office of $100million at the first weekend of its release. According to comScore, sales in the four days, including Monday holiday, are expected to reach $151million.


In the international market, the film may also have earned US $124million at the box office over the three-day weekend, making the global total box office expected to reach US $248million.

The box office of this film will certainly excite the cinema investors. The shares of AMC entertainment holdings, the largest theater in the United States, rose 18% on Friday, and cinemark rose 6%.

Enttelligence estimates that 11.1 million people will watch Top Gun 2: lone ranger as of Monday.

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