NewAmd Zen4 Branch Attack 96 Cores And 128 Cores: The Same Interface

The Ruilong 7000 series processor based on amdzen4 architecture is ready to come out, and is expected to reach 24 cores at most. Of course, it is more likely to continue to have 16 cores. In the data center, the next generation Xiaolong 7004 series will be released. In fact, as early as last November, amd officially announced the road map of the next generation of Xiaolong. The product code of zen4 is "Genoa" (Genoa), with up to 96 cores, and the code of zen4c architecture is "Bergamo" (Bergamo), with up to 128 cores. All support ddr5 and pcie5.0.

NewThe Investment Income Of Alibaba Group In 2021 Is 24 Billion Yuan

Alibaba released the financial year 2022 (April 2021 March 2022) and the fourth quarter (January March 2022) reports, revealing the operating status of ant group in 2021. According to the financial report information, the operating profit of ant group decreased in the fourth quarter and the whole year of 2021, but the early overseas financial technology investment layout entered the harvest period, and the net income from holding investment increased. After offsetting the two phases, ant's book profit was stable, contributing an investment income of 24 billion yuan to Ali group in 2021.

NewThe UK Launched Its Second Antitrust Investigation Into Google's Advertising Business

It is reported that the competition and market authority (CMA), the UK antitrust regulator, today launched its second antitrust investigation into Google's advertising business, saying that Google may distort competition and illegally favor its own services. Earlier this year, CMA has launched an investigation into an online display advertising service transaction previously concluded between Google and Facebook parent company meta.

NewAnti Addiction Evaluation Of 20 Mobile Games: Tencent Won The Title With 85 Points

In recent years, minors' addiction to games has occurred frequently, especially after the popularity of smart phones, the impact of mobile games on minors has been further deepened, which not only affects their studies, but also causes great harm to their physical and mental health. Today, according to the 21st Century Business Herald, Nancai compliance Technology Research Institute released the evaluation of juvenile protection mechanism of 20 mobile game apps, which was selected by judgment sampling with reference to the download ranking of major app stores and the actual interests of minor player groups.

NewAlibaba's Revenue In The Fourth Quarter Of Fiscal Year 2022 Was 204.05 Billion Yuan And Its Net Profit Was 19.8 Billion Yuan

Alibaba (NYSE: Baba; HK: 09988) today released the fourth quarter and full year financial statements of fiscal year 2022 as of March 31, 2022 (Note: Alibaba's fiscal year is out of sync with the natural year, starting from April 1 of each year and ending on March 31 of the second year). According to the financial report, the company's revenue in the fourth quarter was 204.05 billion yuan (about US $32.188 billion), a year-on-year increase of 9%.

NewRTX 3060m / 3070m Mine Cards Are Flooded With Second-hand E-commerce, And They Are Magically Modified With Notebook Chips

Nvidiartx30 Series graphics cards have locked the mining computing power across the board. Many "mine owners" have made the idea of notebooks and derived a special business. They have magically changed the GPU originally given to notebooks into a desktop graphics card, which can dig with blood. In fact, this kind of card has appeared for a long time. In the early stage, it was mainly active on a second-hand platform of a fish, mainly rtx3060.