NewSamsung 4K 32 Inch M8 Smart Display On The Shelf: 4799 Yuan God Like IMac

In March this year, Samsung launched the M8 smart display and opened pre orders in many places around the world. Today, it was learned from JD platform that the display has been officially put on the shelves, with a price of 4999 yuan and a first to hand price of 4799 yuan. In terms of ID design, Samsung M8 smart display has four colors: water mist green, cloud water blue, silver moon white and early lotus powder. It adopts ultra-thin design and is only 11.4mm thick. From the appearance, it looks like the imac24 released by Apple earlier.

NewThe Magazine Responded To The Dispute Over Children's Picture Books Licking Sweat And Drawing: We Are Understanding The Situation

On May 26, some illustrations of the mathematics textbook of the people's Education Edition caused controversy on the Internet and quickly rushed to the hot search. Some netizens said that the eyes of the illustrators were strange and aesthetic. On the afternoon of the 26th, some netizens broke the news about a book "sweating!" published by Jiangsu Phoenix children's publishing house In the picture book, there are cartoon characters holding their arms to taste sweat.

NewPlay Cool Krypton Gold Needs 500000 Blizzard To Respond To The Controversy Of Diablo Mobile Games: You Can Play Without Spending Money

Last week, Blizzard announced that Diablo: immortality would be launched on June 23. Previously, 35 million people had made an appointment, which was popular. After all, it is the first mobile game under blizzard. We hope to see a different game experience from the king and the original God. As a mobile game, and a mobile game developed in cooperation with Netease, the krypton gold system in Diablo: immortality is naturally the focus. The game can be played for free, but many systems need to be bound with krypton gold.

NewCanalys: China's PC Market Shrank By 1% In The First Quarter, And Lenovo Is Still In The Leading Position

According to the latest report of canalys, the total shipment volume of China's desktop, notebook and workstation market in the first quarter of 2022 was 11.66 million, slightly lower than 11.75 million a year ago. Lenovo once again became the market leader, with 4.29 million units shipped during this period, with a market share of 37%. Dell ranked second with 1.39 million units and 12% market share, while HP ranked third with 970000 units and 8% market share.

NewOfficial Release Of Wechat Android Version 8.0.23: Performance Testing Tools Are Hacked

It was learned from wechat's official website that today, wechat Android version 8.0.23 was officially released. The main update of the version is still nine familiar words - it has fixed some known problems. In addition, the previously popular performance testing tool has been removed and returned to small and beautiful. It is understood that Tencent launched the function of "performance detection tool" in wechat Android version 8.0.22, which can provide functions such as carton detection, frame number detection, power consumption detection and so on.

NewThe United States Plans To Send More Pfizer Xinguan Oral Drugs To Prevent A New Round Of Epidemic Outbreak

The U.S. government is taking measures to plan to distribute's oral anti novel coronavirus drug paxlovid to testing and treatment outlets to deal with a new round of epidemic that may break out this summer's tourism season. The first new crown testing and treatment network supported by the U.S. federal government will open in Rhode Island on May 26. If the test is positive, patients can get treatment at the network on site. In the coming weeks, such outlets will gradually conduct trial operations in Massachusetts and New York City.

NewCan Radio And Television Become The "fourth Force" Of Operators?

Radio and television plans to increase the number of 700mhz5g base stations to 280000 this year. At the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Telecommunication and information society day conference held recently, song Qizhu, chairman of China Radio and Television Network Group Co., Ltd., confirmed that in 2021, radio and television and mobile jointly built 200000 700mhz5g base stations, and 280000 base stations will be completed in 2022, realizing the basic coverage of 5g in areas above counties and towns, and gradually extending to rural areas.