Twitter Is Testing The "like By Author" Tag Feature

It is reported that Twitter is testing another feature: "likedbyauthor" tag. This feature discovered by techcrunch is similar to tiktok's "like by Creator" badge. When the author or originator of the tweet likes it, it will show an obvious mark in the reply.

Apple's New Privacy Deal This Year: Who Loses And Who Wins? Have Users Got Rid Of Data Tracking?

A year ago, when Apple updated the much anticipated new privacy deal, it also specially put in an advertisement to intuitively illustrate the function of this function through video. This advertisement describes an ordinary person's one-day experience: whenever he interacts with an enterprise, an employee of the enterprise will entangle him and collect and disseminate his personal information anytime, anywhere.

The White House Led Efforts With The Openssf And Linux Foundations To Secure Open Source Software

Ensuring the security of open source software supply chain is a major event. Last year, the Biden Administration issued an executive order to improve the security of the software supply chain. This occurred after the colonialpipeline blackmail software attack closed gas and oil transportation throughout the southeast and the solarwinds software supply chain attack. Ensuring software security has become a top priority.

Discovery Of A Dinosaur Fossil In Bayannur, Inner Mongolia

Bayannur Nature Museum of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region reported on the 14th that the staff of the museum found a relatively complete dinosaur fossil during their daily inspection in the chulumiao area of the local wulathou banner. According to the study of bone morphology, it was preliminarily determined to be an avian dinosaur. Officials said that the newly discovered dinosaur fossils in Ulat Houqi belong to dinosaurs produced in the early Cretaceous about 125 million years ago.

Wenzhou Brake Failure Apology Letter Cited Controversy, Tesla Roof Rights Protection Ms. Zhang Voiced Doubts

Some time ago, Mr. Chen, the Wenzhou owner who had previously accused Tesla of "brake failure", issued a letter of apology on his personal account, admitting that he had fabricated "Tesla brake failure and automatic acceleration" and made an apology to Tesla. In the apology letter issued by the owner of Wenzhou in his personal account, he also revealed that when he carried out the above-mentioned acts, the "owner surnamed Feng" in Shanghai contacted him and introduced him to a platform. The platform arranged special lawyers for him and contracted all expenses.

When Will "artificial Protein" Come To The Table?

The national development and Reform Commission recently issued the "14th five year plan for bioeconomy development", which mentioned "developing synthetic biological technology and exploring and developing new foods such as" artificial protein ". As soon as the news came out, many netizens were curious: "can artificial protein" food be eaten? Was it good? When can I eat it?

Economic Daily: Speculation About Virtual Currency Will Be Empty

"The coin circle collapsed" was searched again. Recently, the virtual money market suffered a "big robbery". First, Luna coins, known as "currency circle Maotai", have plunged by more than 99%. Since May 11, Luna coins have fallen from above $30 to about $0.0003 in the evening of May 14, close to zero. Virtual currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum also plummeted one after another. On May 12, bitcoin fell from about $32000 to less than $27000.