City Walking Guide
What Kind Of City Makes People Happy?

What kind of city makes us happy? A city built with people in mind, a city where we can commute in a shorter time and in more ways, a city with nature that is integrated with city life, a city that connects people in a variety of ways, and, in addition, a city that allows us to choose our own identity.

City Walking Guide: Beijing, the romantic streets of a big city

Since I left home in college, I have traveled and lived in many cities over the years. One of my very common observations is that northern cities have a more angular, rougher feel than southern cities, with wider roads, squarer buildings, and cleaner lines. Then I went to Europe ...

City Walking Guide: Plymouth, the UK's safest city

Hello friends of Minority, I am the very uprightly named Park Bucheng, whose name is taken from Mr. Guo Degang's famous comic strip and is one of my favorites among Mr. Yu Qian's many callings. I'm a fan of Old Mac's face and a reader of The Minority, and after seeing the City Wanderer Guide series, I couldn't resist sharing my small town with you ...

City Walking Guide: Singapore, the Lion City in the New Crown Era

When I was young, I had an "out-of-this-world" mentality, aspiring to a life of seclusion and solitude. As I grew older, I realized the social nature of human beings, that they are social creatures and cannot exist apart from society. So, my thinking gradually changed and moved closer to the "world", in my own words ...

City Walking Guide: As the Most Beautiful Story To Meeting Sanya

In Addition To The Endless Stream Of Tourists Who Visit Sanya Every Year, There Is Plenty Of Sunshine All Year Round. No Matter How Domineering The Cold Wave Is In Mainland Provinces, After The Layers Of Obstruction Of Nanling, Strait And Wuzhishan, She Has Completely Lost Her Original Heart By The Time Of Sanya, And Can No Longer Compete With The Warmth Here. She Can Only Timidly Bring Her Some Cool Breeze At Night.