Web3 Vs. Web2: The Fundamental Ideological Divide

The current argument in favor of Web3 (and NFT in particular) is that Web3 is the only option against predatory centralized ownership systems: you either get a decentralized ownership record on the blockchain via NFT, or Facebook will devour your immortal soul in their horrible centralized database.

Twitter Past: Musk's Web3 Ambition, Dorsey's "ten-year Revenge"

If You Want To Find Someone On This Planet Who Has Both Ambition, Desire And Ability To Create A Utopia, "Silicon Valley Iron Man" Elon Musk Is Undoubtedly The First Choice. The Technology Maniac Has Brought Cutting-edge Technology Projects Such As Tesla And SpaceX Into Reality And Is Therefore Rich. Now His New Battlefield Is Social Networks: The Privatization Proposal Of The World's Richest Man To Buy Twitter For More Than $40 Billion Has Been Approved By The Company's Board Of Directors.