E-commerce Professionals, AI Taggers... Embrace New Careers, And The Employment Methods Of The Disabled Are More Diversified

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Today (15th) is the 32nd national disability day. The theme of this year's disability day is to promote the employment of the disabled and protect the rights and interests of the disabled. By the end of 2021, the number of disabled persons with certificates in urban and rural areas in China had reached 8.816 million, and the number of new disabled persons remained at more than 300000 every year. In recent years, with the introduction of a series of national policies to support the employment and Entrepreneurship of the disabled, more and more disabled people began to embrace some emerging occupations.

Wang Maosheng, an e-commerce expert: contribute to the development of his hometown

Nowadays, online shopping has become a part of our life. The e-commerce platform that came into being also allows many disabled people to find a stage of life. Let's meet an e-commerce expert.

Wang Maosheng: my name is Wang Maosheng, from Lintao, Gansu Province. I had high paraplegia due to an accident nine years ago. Later, I came into contact with e-commerce by chance. At the beginning, I thought about whether I could sell our hometown lilies online, so I began to explore with the training courses of the platform from scratch to understand how to open a store, how to put goods on the shelf and how to operate the store. Now I run two stores at the same time. I can sell more than 100000 kilograms of lilies a year, with sales of more than one million. Now I have a very full life every day. I can't be careless in every link, from billing, sorting and packing. Five or six neighbors in the town were also invited to help.

I was the first one to do e-commerce in our town. You see, I did a good job and opened online stores one after another. Now there are more than a dozen stores in the town. I am half an e-commerce teacher. If you have any problems in operation, you will ask me. Many people said that you taught them that their business is bad. What should I do? I said that there are so many lilies in Lintao and so many places in the country. Can I sell them all alone. My wish is to sell our sweet lilies in Lintao to all parts of the country, sell fame and do better. By doing e-commerce, I not only find my life direction again, but also help the people around me and contribute to the development of my hometown. I have a special sense of achievement.

AI tagger Chen Xiaowen: engineer behind artificial intelligence

Now, do you have a smart speaker in your home? Chat with it and relieve boredom when you are bored; When you have no knowledge, ask it the standard answer. Do you know who is the brain behind these smart speakers that bring you happiness and convenience?

AI tagger Chen Xiaowen: my name is Chen Xiaowen. I'm a visually impaired person. My eyesight has declined sharply since I was 17 years old. I couldn't see it in two years. Now there is no sense of light at all. After graduation, I have done massage and telemarketing. Since more than three or nearly four years ago, I have been doing AI data annotation.

AI tagger Chen Xiaowen: Yes, as you can see, our data tagging work is to deal with a large amount of data. If AI wants to understand human language, we need to input user instructions into the system and convert them into words before we carry out classification, annotation and operation, so that AI can understand human language. Therefore, we are also called "the engineer behind AI Artificial Intelligence". After working for a long time, I feel like an AI coach to help AI learn human language and make it better serve us. Whenever I talk with a smart speaker, I find it more intelligent and can understand what I mean. I also have a special sense of achievement, because this is also the value of my work. Now there are more disabled people joining us. We all feel very happy working together. We all like this job and feel it is very valuable. We also hope that more disabled people can join us, so that we can create a beautiful intelligent era together.

Sign language translation helps more hearing impaired people get out of their homes

Nowadays, the ways of employment for the disabled are becoming more and more diverse. At the same time, with the improvement of the public's awareness of the disabled and the improvement of barrier free environment, many disabled people also begin to try more possibilities, which also makes some occupations serving the disabled popular.

Just after noon, Chen Wenwen accompanied a hearing-impaired person to the hospital for medical treatment, code scanning, registration and treatment. With the help of Chen Wenwen, the hearing-impaired person smoothly completed the whole medical treatment process.

Sign language translator Chen Wenwen: it is difficult for them to see a doctor. For example, recently, due to the epidemic, when they go to the hospital, some health treasures will pop up. When they pop up, they don't know how to deal with it. At this time, we translators need to give them some practical help.

In order to provide better medical treatment for the hearing-impaired, in 2020, the Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation launched the sign language medical guidance appointment service. The city's licensed hearing-impaired people can make an appointment for sign language medical guidance two days in advance and accompany them to the city's level II class A or above hospitals. Chen Wenwen's company cooperates with some towns and streets to help hearing-impaired people complete the medical treatment process through the way of government purchase of services.

In addition to medical treatment, handling identity documents, participating in judicial trials, learning to drive and taking the driver's license are also places where hearing-impaired people often need sign language translation. In order to make hearing-impaired students better learn to drive, Chen Wenwen once recorded teaching sign language courses for driving schools for students to watch and understand repeatedly.

Chen Wenwen: let the coaches also know some professional knowledge about sign language. It is more convenient for them to communicate with the hearing-impaired. What kind of gestures to use and how to express them in professional terms. In this way, they can communicate more smoothly.

Chen Wenwen said that she also hopes that more and more hearing-impaired people can go out of their homes and find their own world.

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