NewGoogle Is Going To Change The Hard-to-use

At the recently concluded Google I/O developer conference, the Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro and other new hardware products sparked the emotions of the audience, while stealing the attention of the original protagonist of the conference - the software.

S3 Object Storage: A Great Design

Getting started with serverless software development requires knowing this story: why did AWS release S3 Object Storage in 2006, followed by AWS Lambda (serverless) in 2014? Let's explore the story behind it, and hopefully inspire you to migrate your software projects to a serverless platform.

Google I/O 22 Ahead

Before Google I/O 2022 officially begins, we might as well take a look at the new hardware products that might be coming, as well as the software updates including Android 13.

Tech Morning News-20220508

What's New You May Have Missed NVIDIA Pays Fines to Settle Cryptocurrency-Related Misrepresentation Charges On May 6, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a notice announcing a settlement with NVIDIA: in the case of the company's failure to adequately disclose that cryptocurrency mining boosted its gaming business, NVID ...

Tech Morning News-20220505

Google's smart assistant officially launches automatic password updates, Xinhuasan launches 10GbE router Magic NX15000 and more