Tech Morning News-20220508

What's New You May Have Missed NVIDIA Pays Fines to Settle Cryptocurrency-Related Misrepresentation Charges On May 6, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a notice announcing a settlement with NVIDIA: in the case of the company's failure to adequately disclose that cryptocurrency mining boosted its gaming business, NVID ...

Tech Morning News-20220505

Google's smart assistant officially launches automatic password updates, Xinhuasan launches 10GbE router Magic NX15000 and more

How To Take Back The Time That Your Phone Controls?

DPS Weekly 20Highlights didn't expect this column, Productivity Weekly, to have more than 800 subscribers and 21 simultaneous updates so far, so that's a small recognition. If you want to be the first to receive our updates, please subscribe directly. Thanks again for your support ...

GeoGuessr: Take a trip from home

GeoGuessr was released in 2013 and initially it was a web game with only one mode. The game would give a Google Maps street view and you could move around and determine where you were by the various details in the map - it wasn't enough to know what country, you needed to make the chosen location point as close as possible to the map's real location.