NewPlaystation VR2 Will Launch More Than 20 "major Games"

According to an investor report of the company, Sony expects to have more than 20 & amp; x201c; s Playstation VR2 headsets when it launches; quot; Large game & amp; quot;。 Although it did not confirm the names or developers of all games, a slide confirmed that the list would be a combination of first and third-party games and hinted that it would include the previously announced horizon derivative: Horizon: the call of mountains.

NewIPhone 14 Pro Pill Punching Screen Real Hammer Apple Official Advertising Video Leaked In Advance

According to previous reports, Apple's autumn press conference may have been scheduled for Tuesday, September 12. The biggest protagonist and the most watched product is the new generation of flagship mobile phones - iphone14 series. Among them, the long rumored iPhone 14pro is expected to cancel the banged screen design, which will be Apple's biggest upgrade in five years. Unfortunately, there has been no real hammer news so far.

NewTencent News Responded To The Rumors Of "internal Earthquake": The Business Is Running Normally, And The Online Rumors Are Malicious Rumors

On the afternoon of May 26, Tencent News responded to the "internal earthquake" on the official wechat, saying that Tencent News business operates normally and will adhere to the positioning of high-quality information content. The recent adjustment of management cadres is also to better promote business development. Internet related content is malicious rumor.

NewA CD From Wang Xinling's Past Is Too Expensive To Buy

With the launch of "sister 3 riding the wind and waves", Wang Xinling, the former "sweetheart leader", once again became popular on the Internet with an old song "love you". Thanks to the traffic support of major platforms, a large number of middle-aged male fans were harvested, and many post-80s and 90s fans shouted "yeqinghui". Wang Xinling's popularity also quickly "out of the circle". On the second-hand trading platform, Wang Xinling's related tapes, CDs and other "old objects" were hot fried, "Wang Xinling concept stocks" were also accidentally brought to fire, "Wang Xinling effect" even spilled into the fund circle.

NewThe Study Found That Testicular Warming Led To The Failure Of Sperm Formation

The testicles of most mammals are cooled in the scrotum, and elevated testicular temperature can lead to sperm formation failure and male infertility. A team led by Shosei Yoshida of Japan's National Institute of basic biology detailed the process using organ cultures and found that sperm formation was impaired in multiple steps in a subtle temperature dependent manner.

NewWhen The Quantum Network Is In Progress: Scientists Realize The Quantum Bit Teleportation Between Non Adjacent Nodes

Although many science fiction works depict the scene of "instant transmission" of characters to another place, this idea is still a myth. However, according to a new study published in the journal Nature on May 25, 2022, we seem to be one step closer to the real-time transmission of data. Specifically, scientists have created a set of data transmission methods called "quantum bit teleportation".