Last Week's Tonight Show Reveals How Google And Amazon Stifle Competition

Many years ago, johnoliver called on the audience to join the struggle for the rights of network neutrality, and then the people flocking to comment caused the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to be paralyzed for a time. In the latest episode of "last week's tonight show" broadcast on Sunday, Xiao Jiong targeted the anti-monopoly cases of the two technology giants.

Bitcoin Once Fell As Much As 10% And The Selling In Cryptocurrency Intensified

Bitcoin continued its decline on Tuesday, and investors' sentiment was further dampened by concerns that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates more substantially to control inflation. The world's largest digital currency once fell 10.3% to US $20824, the lowest level since december2020. Other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and avalanche also fell across the board.

Ps5's Exclusive Masterpiece: The Steam Page Of Marvel Spider Man Was Officially Launched

At the previous live broadcast of Sony's "stateofplay", it was officially announced that Marvel spider man: reprint, which had previously been exclusively owned by ps5, would officially land on the PC platform on August 12. Today, the steam store page of the game was officially launched. Interested players can search Marvel's spider-manremastered to add the game to the wish list.

MicroStrategy, Which Advocates Mortgage Property Soha BTC, Is Facing Margin Calls

In recent months, the cryptocurrency represented by BTC has fallen into a trough. As wccftech has mentioned many times, BTC once fell by about 80%. Some people predict that BTC may "hit the bottom" between $15000 and $20000, but the premise is that the S & P 500 index of the United States rushes to $3400, and the "interaction" mechanism between U.S. stocks and BTC is still quite subtle.