Economist Renzeping: Not Investing In New Energy Now Is Like Not Buying A House 20 Years Ago

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Recently, at the 2022 annual meeting of new energy automobile industry chain investment, economist Dr. renzeping delivered a keynote speech. The following is an excerpt of the speech: at present, new energy related industries are the most promising and explosive areas of China's economy in the future. in the long run, not investing in new energy at present is like not buying a house 20 years ago**

In 2021, the sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 3million, and in 2020 it was 1.34 million, a double increase. The penetration rate of new energy vehicles exceeded 10%.

According to the S-curve theory, it may take 10 or 20 years for the penetration rate of consumer goods to increase from 0% to 10%. However, after the penetration rate exceeds 10%, technological progress, consumer habits, infrastructure construction, etc. are becoming more and more perfect. Everyone's doubts begin to fade, and explosive growth will be ushered in.

The best prospects for new energy vehicles are the United States, China and Europe For example, President Biden of the United States launched a 1.8 trillion infrastructure plan this time, of which it is very important to take the lead in the field of new energy

The UK has also introduced a plan for large-scale new energy infrastructure, requiring the sale of fuel vehicles to be banned from 2030 to 2035 to replace all new energy vehicles. The field of new energy is the highest point of the competition among big countries in the future.

In the era of traditional cars in China, objectively speaking, there is still a huge gap between China and Europe, the United States and even Japan in terms of market and technology, including brands. However, in terms of new energy vehicles, whether they are complete vehicles, batteries and other core components, it is possible for us to change lanes and overtake.

In fact, the development of new energy vehicles can not be separated from our background, that is, we are in a great country and an era of vigorous development.

At present, the contribution of new energy to the economy is not as much as one tenth of that of real estate, but the growth rate is very fast, doubling the rate. In 2022, do you want to double the growth rate?

The penetration rate is more than 20%. We have 25million passenger cars a year. If we replace all new energy vehicles in the next 10 years or so, the whole vehicle sales will be 3-5 trillion a year. Plus the positive and negative materials and three electricity in the upstream and downstream, the whole new energy vehicle industry chain will exceed 10 trillion, becoming the most promising field to replace real estate**

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