Firm Attitude: Google Is Scheduled To Take Off All Third-party Android Call Recording Apps From May 11

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Due to the adjustment of Google's accessibility API policy, the company not only plans to strictly restrict the application side loading function of Android 13, but also affects the third-party call recording app of Google play Reddit netizen NLL apps pointed out that Google's newly revised play store policy will take effect tomorrow (May 11), when all call recording apps will be ruthlessly removed from the shelves

(screenshot via Google play)

At the recent developer webinar, Google explained that the accessibility API was not designed for this purpose.

The reason given is for privacy and security reasons (the laws and regulations in different market regions are also different), and has been quietly eliminating the call recording API on multiple Android versions.

For example, on Android 10, Google blocks the call recording function by default. However, in order to bypass this restriction, many third-party apps began to think of calling the accessibility API to realize call recording.

Unfortunately, Google is quite determined to kill the third-party call recording app, and has set a deadline of May 11.

If you really need this function, please try to use the call recording function of your mobile phone (such as Google pixel / Xiaomi and other brand devices). The original words of the moderator of the developer webinar are:

"If the native dialer application has provided the call recording function in advance, there is no need to use the accessibility API to access the incoming audio, so it does not violate the new policy of Google play.".

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