Forced Delisting Of Fangtianxia: It Has Received A Privatization Offer Valued At US $100million

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Fangtianxia was forced to withdraw from the market a few days ago Fang Tianxia once disclosed that, due to the failure to submit certain reports to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Fang Tianxia has received a notice, and the New York Stock Exchange has begun the delisting procedure for its American Depositary Shares (ads)

By leijianping

Fangtianxia was once brilliant in the capital market, with a market value of more than 5billion US dollars. However, since 2014, the "honeymoon period" between the real estate agency and the real estate agency has broken down - the fuse is that the platform charges of the real estate agency are too high.

Since then, Lianjia real estate, the leader of the second-hand housing market, has also begun to boycott fangtianxia, and announced in november2014 that Lianjia has completely terminated its cooperation with SouFun. Before that, linkhome was one of the largest port traffic paying customers in SouFun. After that, there was the birth of shell house hunting.

Since 2015, fangtianxia has started to decline. The epidemic situation, coupled with the regulation of the real estate industry and the economic downturn in recent years, has exacerbated the crisis in the real estate world.

In october2020, fangtianxia received a privatization offer valued at about US $100million, but it did not really privatize.

In January, 2021, real estate issued three personnel changes. According to the announcement, fangtianxia appointed dongshihang as the new president of the company. CEO Liu Jian will no longer serve as the president, and he will continue to manage the company's affairs as the group's CEO. Fang Tianxia also appointed cuipeng as acting chief financial officer.

Once the old real estate website real estate world delisting, also makes people sigh unceasingly. Since 2022, a number of Chinese stock companies, such as fluent speakers and headmaster education, have delisted from the US stock market, and many companies are on the verge of delisting.

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