Geng Invented A Multi-functional Agricultural Electric Trolley By Hand: It Can Run When You Step On It And Sprinkle Chemical Fertilizers And Pesticides

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On June 12, handmade Geng brought a new invention: a multifunctional agricultural electric trolley. Once again attracted the attention of netizens Manual Geng first made a metal car, installed a motor for it, installed a driving device on the wheel, supported forward and reverse gears, and equipped with a foot pedal to run forward In addition, the car also has a pair of rear-view mirrors, but it seems that you can't see the contents of the rear-view mirrors from a standing angle, but it doesn't matter.


This electric trolley can transport chemical fertilizer, sow chemical fertilizer and spray pesticide. It looks very practical.

Netizens make fun of:

This land is ruined this year

Mr. Geng forgot his original intention. He said he would not do anything useful

Brother Geng still wasted a battery car. He transformed the zombie car in front and installed a power converter at the pedal position. Generate electricity by kinetic energy, and then hang a piece of meat in front of zombies, which is a clean and efficient energy at 0 cost.

Geng has opened up a new idea. This modular electric trolley is almost invincible in the countryside. At least many modules can be developed based on this. For example, for the transportation of several hundred kilograms, I think it is better to use two fixed nozzles for pesticide spraying. The fertilizer is also two fixed leaky pipes, which has high efficiency and less waste. Several small components are added to complete the trenching, seeding and soil covering at one time. In fact, it is difficult for other vehicles to easily transport point-to-point in the ground during the receiving season. This high flexibility is most suitable for such work. There is also an electric drive. Without the vibration of machines, the body will not be shaken to pieces, and the maintenance is convenient and fast. You can also add a speaker and listen to music while working

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