IOS 16 Is Exposed To Ticket Skipping! Too Many Bugs Are The Main Reason

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Earlier, it was reported that Apple planned to officially release major updates to IOS 16 and other operating systems at the WWDC 2022 Developer Conference on June 6. According to the previously released news, IOS 16 will include a new system interaction mode and a new app, and the appearance UI will not be much different from IOS 15.

However, according to the informant mark gurman, the beta version of IOS 16 will be launched later than usual**

According to mark, Apple plans to postpone the release of the first public beta version and the third developer beta version of IOS 16 until July. This is due to the large number of bugs in the current internal version, and engineers need more time to make the beta stable enough**

However, mark also said that the internal situation of apple is not stable, so the extension time is likely to change.

In addition, at present, only IOS 16 has revealed that tickets will be skipped. It is expected to launch updated watchos and [iPad] in the same period( ) There was no similar message from the OS.

It is worth mentioning that, according to Apple's consistent style, the developer beta is generally completed a few weeks before the public beta, so, not surprisingly, developers can still get the first beta of IOS 16 after WWDC 2022**

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