Market Value Plummeted By Nearly 700billion, Chip Giant TSMC Is Expected To Usher In A Big Rebound

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TSMC's share price plummeted this year, which wiped out about $100billion (about 670billion yuan) of its market value. But for analysts who think the stock is worth strong buying, this is nothing According to the estimates of the seller's analysts, as the macroeconomic headwind impacting the chip industry eased, investors turned their attention to the fundamentals of TSMC again TSMC's share price is expected to increase by about 50% in the 12 months from now, reaching an all-time high.


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At the same time, fund managers also began to think that the slump was coming to an end. Liu Deyin, chairman of TSMC, predicted on Wednesday that the company's revenue will increase by 30% this year, which also supports the view of fund managers.

Although TSMC's share price has fallen by more than one tenth, it is still equivalent to about half of the decline of the global semiconductor benchmark index in 2022.

As Apple The company is the most advanced chip manufacturer of technology giants such as NVIDIA, which occupies a strong position in the global technology supply chain.

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