NASA Introduces A "pet Rock" In The Left Front Wheel Of The Mars Rover Perseverance

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According to CNET report, in the past four months, NASA's Mars rover perseverance has had an unexpected "traveling companion"** Since the beginning of February, the rock has entered the left front wheel of the rover. Since "hitchhiking", it has been transported for more than 5.3 miles (8.5 kilometers).

Eleni ravanis, a student collaborator of the perseverance team from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, has now upgraded this wheel rock to a "pet rock". "If this' pet rock 'can speak, it may tell us the changes it has noticed, because we cross the Octavia E. Butler landing site to the north and then to the West. On our journey to the west of the jazeiro Delta, we pass through the spectacular relics of' Kodiak 'in the former range of the Delta," ravanis said in Thursday's mission update It is written in.

The stone first attracted NASA's attention in early March. At that time, NASA spokesman Andrew good said that the stone was "not considered a risk". This situation has not changed. "Perseverance" is equipped with hard aluminum wheels. Compared with the "curiosity" rover, it has an upgraded design. Curiosity's wheels have suffered quite a blow for many years on Mars.

This rock may remain in the wheel of the perseverance, or it may fall out when the perseverance continues to explore the jezro crater, collect rock samples and look for signs of ancient microbial life. Ravanis has a message for any Martian geologist who may map craters in the future. "If you find an untimely looking rock, you may just be looking at the pet rock before the perseverance!"

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