Real Time Photo Of The Eruption Of Mount Bulusan In The Philippines

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According to CCTV news, the Philippine Volcano Earthquake Research Institute released a message that at about 10:37 a.m. on June 5, the Bulusan volcano in sososogon Province, the Philippines, erupted gray steam of up to 1km, lasting about 17 minutes. Volcanic ash appeared in Huban city and other places near sososogon province.


social platform video It shows that the huge amount of volcanic ash turns the sky into a gray patch in an instant.

At present, the warning level of Bulusan volcano has risen from 0 to 1, which means that the state of the volcano is abnormal. The volcanic warning level in the Philippines is divided into five levels, with level 1 being the lowest and level 5 being the highest.

It is reported that 77 volcanic earthquakes occurred in the 24 hours before the eruption of Bulusan volcano in sososogon province of the Philippines.

Experts said that local residents should not enter the permanent danger zone with a radius of 4 kilometers. If there is a falling stone, they should avoid it as soon as possible. It is recommended to wear a mask or stay indoors.

According to the encyclopedia, Bulusan volcano is located in sososogon province at the southern tip of Luzon Island, about 250 kilometers away from the capital Manila. It is the fourth active volcano in the Philippines and one of the 24 active volcanoes in the Philippines. The last eruption was in june2017

The last serious volcanic eruption in the Philippines occurred in 1991, namely the eruption of Mount Pinatubo volcano on Luzon Island. After 600 years of dormancy, dozens of villages were flooded and more than 800 people died.

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