Tesla And BMW Are Not Included In The New Vision Of Apple Carplay For The Time Being

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In the opening speech of WWDC 2022, apple showed the new generation Carplay, bringing a wealth of customization options for the car's infotainment system and instruments. Apple also announced a list of cooperative automobile manufacturers, including Honda, Ford and Mercedes Benz. However, BMW does not appear on this list, and Tesla has never adopted Carplay.


BMW and Apple Carplay's relationship has always been strange. Even before its debut, company executives said that their vehicles would not support Apple's infotainment system. However, BMW adjusted its attitude and provided Carplay for some models in 2016.

The German automaker continued to offer Carplay to customers as a normal package option until 2019, when it began to charge an annual subscription fee of $80 to use the service.

The German company has also been an early adopter of Apple technology. It is the first company to announce support for Apple's carkey system, which will allow users to use iphone Unlock or start their vehicle.

However, BMW does not seem to be completely opposed to the adoption of Carplay. In a statement to the verge, BMW said that a more in-depth assessment was needed. BMW said:

At present, we have clearly focused on further strengthening our iDrive user interface system. As part of this development, we will continue to seamlessly integrate Apple's ecosystem. Part of these efforts will be to assess how to integrate the latest innovations announced on WWDC into our solutions.


Tesla is not a traditional automobile manufacturer, but its market share can be comparable to that of competitors such as Ford or general motors. However, unlike other automakers, Tesla has never supported apple Carplay.

As a technology company, Tesla has written its own software for its on-board infotainment system. This may be the main reason why it does not support Carplay, Android auto or other technology companies' products.

According to statistics released by apple, 79% of American car buyers will not even consider buying vehicles without Carplay. Carplay is designed to provide a seamless experience for iPhone users. According to the time of year, Apple's devices are the dominant smartphone market share. The company's high-end target market also overlaps with Tesla's target market to a large extent.

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