The First Batch Of Commercialized Hxn6 Internal Electric Hybrid Locomotives In China Came Off The Production Line

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On June 9, the first batch of commercialized hxn6 internal electric hybrid locomotives in China were successfully rolled off the production line in CRRC Ziyang Co., Ltd., marking the first commercialization of this energy-saving and environment-friendly diesel locomotive with the world's leading technology Hxn6 locomotive is a hybrid locomotive with the world's largest power level. Its power source is composed of "power battery pack + diesel generator set". It has the characteristics of good economy, outstanding energy saving and emission reduction effect, and friendly to the environment. It can effectively replace the traditional diesel locomotive.


"It can save fuel consumption by 30% to 50% and reduce harmful emissions by 40% to 80%." Lixining, chief engineer of CRRC Ziyang company, said that compared with traditional diesel locomotives, a single locomotive can reduce fuel consumption by an average of 90 to 150 tons per year, reduce pollutant emissions by 3 to 5 tons, and reduce carbon emissions by 280.5 to 467.5 tons.

It is not only energy-saving and environment-friendly, but also has strong traction performance. According to the staff of the enterprise, under the condition of single shunting operation, the locomotive can pull more than 10000 tons of goods, which can fully meet the operating requirements of peak pushing, marshalling, whole train pulling out and short-distance small operation in large marshalling stations.

It is reported that the two locomotives will be delivered to Inner Mongolia in mid June for shunting of coal transportation. (reporter Gao Gao)

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