Top Gun: Lone Ranger Breaks The Box Office Record For The US Memorial Day Weekend

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Tom Cruise's blockbuster top gun: Lone Ranger ended the Memorial Day weekend with a record box office debut The sequel enabled cruise to return to the cockpit 36 years later and earned $160.5 million in his first four days.

These box office receipts were enough to surpass Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: the end of the world, which went public with a box office of $153million on the long weekend of 2007, making it the largest Memorial Day premiere in history.

Paramount and skydance initially estimated that top gun: Lone Ranger would generate $124million between Friday and Sunday, and then end the long weekend with $151million. However, the box office of the film exceeded expectations on Sunday and Monday, reaching $126million in three days and $160million in four days. (Monday's estimate is that the total box office in the four days is $156million.) The film was shown in 4732 theaters in North America and was the most widely distributed film in history.

In terms of the international box office, the sequel of top gun in 1986 took off with us $139million, making its global box office more than US $300million.

As a hopeful sign of the summer film season, "top gun: Lone Ranger" -- without the help of costume heroes or fantasy magic -- has become one of the most popular films in China after spider man: no return of Heroes ($260million), Dr. strange 2: Crazy multiverse ($187million) and new bat man ($134million).

"Lone ranger" also secured Cruise's biggest debut in his 40 - year career, marking his first film with more than $100million in a single weekend.

Directed by josephkosinsky and budgeted at $170million, top gun: the lone ranger was restarted decades later. It tells that Pete "maverick" Mitchell, played by Cruise, is responsible for training a group of new arrogant pilots for an important task. The cast includes miles Taylor, Glenn Powell, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Connery and Fong Kimer, who played the Iceman in the first film.

Positive word of mouth, warm comments and high-quality screen helped to improve the ticket sales of top gun: Lone Ranger. The film earned $21million at the box office from IMAX cinema in the United States alone, 97% on rotten tomato website and a rare "a+" cinema score.

As expected, nearly 55 per cent of ticket buyers were 35 years of age or older. But the turnout was impressive because adult audiences were the least willing to go back to the cinema in a pandemic. And the dazzling special effects in "lone ranger" have also successfully attracted a considerable proportion of young film viewers. The reception of the film should help to continue to attract young audiences.

Despite numerous delays (originally scheduled for release in the summer of 2020), cruise insisted on playing it on the big screen. Chris Aronson, Paramount's U.S. Distribution Director, commented on the incident of leaving the film in the cinema: "I'm glad we made this decision and stick to it." In addition, he predicted: "the film will have a huge run. It will attract people who haven't gone to the cinema for a long time."

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