TPS Plasma Ignition System Can Improve Engine Efficiency By 20%

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In 2019, transient plasma systems (hereinafter referred to as TPS) launched an interesting new advanced ignition system. It replaces the traditional spark plug in the automobile engine with an ignition module, which uses a very short duration (nanosecond) plasma pulse to ignite the fuel / air mixture in the cylinder.

At that time, the technology was still being benchmarked, but now it can almost be put into production after validation tests have confirmed that it has the potential to improve fuel efficiency by 20% when installed in existing engines.

Dan singleton, the founder and CEO of TPS, said that they are proving that this technology has completed all the things needed for an advanced ignition system to enter the market.

Aren't we going to adopt all EVs?

At this point, some of you may be wondering why someone should take the trouble to develop new internal combustion engine technology -- after all, isn't our future electric? But even with the best intentions in the world, it will be many years before countries like the United States stop selling new diesel cars.

Singleton means: "There have been many studies that have analyzed the data and basically said that we need to really understand the adoption rate of electric vehicles. Therefore, we confirm and believe that the future will be the world of EV, but the question is, what should we do while increasing the speed? I think that if you look at the data, the best thing you can do is to start reducing carbon dioxide emissions now. Therefore, we believe that if you immediately invest in this technology Entering the market is the really suitable place. This is what our data show. There are direct and meaningful carbon dioxide emission reductions. "

It is understood that the plasma ignition system of TPS is designed to be used on existing vehicles, and hardly needs to be modified. An ignition module replaces the ordinary spark plug and a power module controls it, but the only other modification is in the software, because the engine needs to be reprogrammed to take advantage of the new technology.

"Many OEMs we work with are freezing their engine designs. They say, 'there are no new engine sets, we may change some components, but we are freezing the design. So it basically has to fall into the existing holes, and this technology can do that," Singleton said.

He continued: "the first thing is that you must expand the dilution limit - that is, increase exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), or you can do so if you want to make it thinner. This is obviously the main work of advanced ignition systems."

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