Xbox Will Improve The Performance Of Cloud Games On Microsoft Edge

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Xbox announced that Microsoft edge, our favorite game platform, is getting some new features. These features give priority to the integration of cloud games and the personalization of this increasingly popular browser. Microsoft has been growing and improving its support for Xbox cloud games on multiple platforms, and is taking measures to optimize this service on the browser by providing it with more game features.


Some of the new features include a personalized game home page that makes it easier to access xbox The cloud game library and a built-in efficiency mode reduce the resource use of the browser when starting the game. Edge will also receive a "sharpness boost" to help improve the fidelity of games streamed through cloud computing. Edge users can also expect a built-in menu that includes browser based games such as Microsoft solitaire and Atari asteroids.

In itself, the improvement of game playing on the browser doesn't sound exciting, but when you consider that steam deck users currently need to access Xbox game pass through an instance of Microsoft edge, it will become more swimming. Theoretically, these changes should help improve the performance of cloud games, but to a large extent, it feels like a change to the appearance of Microsoft browsers.

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