Xiaomi Bracelet 7 May Soon Enter The International Market At A Price Of 50-60 Euros

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After being released in China last month@_ SnoopyTech_ Another tweet on Monday pointed out that Xiaomi Bracelet 7 will soon be introduced to the international market Although this rumor has yet to be further confirmed, it may be priced at 50-60 euros (about 350-420 RMB) As a reference, the Xiaomi Bracelet 6 released last year was only 45.99 euros (about 320 RMB).


If Xiaomi Bracelet 7 is finally priced at 49.99 euros (about 350 RMB), such a premium is understandable in the context of global supply chain shortage.

However, if the final price of Xiaomi Bracelet 7 is 59.99 euros (about 420 RMB), I don't know how willing consumers are to upgrade or buy new products.

In terms of functions, it is not clear what forms of mobile payment Xiaomi Bracelet 7 supports, or whether the company will put similar functions on derivative models with higher configurations.

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