2023 BMW M2 Prototype Completed Its First Test Drive At Salzburg Circuit In Austria

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The new BMW M2 integrates the excellent M4 engine, chassis and braking hardware into a smaller, lighter and more fun kit. Does that sound good-- of course. But where will this leave the M4? Considering that the current G42 generation 2 series uses the same modular clar platform as the 3 series and 4 series, it is not surprising that this m car has the same commonality.

Compared with the M4, the wheelbase of the new M2 is 4.3 inches shorter, but the main chassis structural components are the same. Even the staggered 19 inch front and 20 inch rear wheels and Michelin pilot sport 4S summer tires are the same.

These differences are mainly attributed to personal adjustment. The front spring of M2 is hard and the rear spring is soft, which makes the turning speed of this car faster and the rear end more lively. In fact, the rear shock absorber of M2 is borrowed from the forthcoming m3 travel version, because the softer spring requires greater damping force.

BMW has adjusted the M4's traction control, electronic limited slip differential and adaptive suspension system to better match the M2's improved flexibility. In addition, smaller coupes have also received unique steering adjustment. At the same time, the M4's brake by wire system remains unchanged, while the M2 will have two brake feel settings - but the difference between them is not very obvious in practice.

However, the agility of M2 can be noticed soon after driving on the Salzburg circuit in Austria. It is more fun when cornering. Traction control allows the rear axle to slide and is enough to control oversteer when cornering sharply. At the same time, M2 never makes people feel that it is a trouble or too difficult to control. This is true both on the dry sidewalks and after the short spring rain soaked the roads of Salzburg forest.

Since M2 uses m3 and M4 3.0L twin turbocharged I6 engines, it has enough power to keep M2 strong. BMW has not confirmed the official power specification of the M2, but in the M4, this engine can output 473 HP and 406 LB ft of torque. This is 68 horsepower higher than the current M2 competitor, and the torque is also quite large. This is also a small increase compared to the 444 HP M2 CS.

In addition, like the current m2, this new two door coupe will provide a six speed manual transmission -- in addition, it can also be equipped with an eight speed automatic transmission in the M4 competition. Both of these settings have their benefits. The manual transmission is extremely interesting. The weight of the shift lever and clutch is just right, while the automatic transmission can instantly complete the timely shift and allow the driver to choose his own adventure by switching the paddles on the steering wheel.

As far as I know, the M4 has only two main advantages. First, you can get its competitive specifications, in which the I6 engine has a more powerful adjustment state (503 HP, 479 LB ft). You can also buy the M4 competitor with the BMW xDrive all wheel drive system, which increases the control ability of the coupe and enables it to be used in bad weather - of course, with the right tires.

From the perspective of daily living, M2 and M4 are not different. The back seat is small, but to be honest, who drives this car often uses it? In addition, consumers can also choose M4 carbon fiber front seats on the M2, while BMW's new arc dashboard display and iDrive 8 infotainment technology will become standard.

If all these are realized, M2 will have more breathing space, thus becoming the purest driver of BMW compact M series.

It is reported that the 2023 M2 will come in April next year.

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