A Huge Crocodile Faced Dinosaur Was Found: "Europe's Largest Land Predator"

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According to CNET report, a new study led by paleontologists at the University of Southampton has identified the remains of one of the largest land predators in European History: a dinosaur with a length of more than 10 meters and living about 125million years ago**

"White stone Spinosaurus" got its name because of the geological layer it was found. It was confirmed by the fossils of its huge pelvis and tail vertebra and some other dinosaur fragments. A team led by researchers from the University of Southampton published this week in peerj 》The journal published a study on "Europe's largest land Predator".

"In some dimensions, it seems to represent one of the largest predatory dinosaurs found in Europe - and perhaps even the largest known dinosaur," study leader Chris Barker said in a statement from the University of Southampton on Thursday. "Unfortunately, it is only known from a small number of materials, but these materials are enough to show that it is a huge organism."

Because researchers have unearthed too few dinosaur fossils, this small animal fossil has not been given a formal scientific name. Paleontologists hope to find more dinosaur fragments.

These bones tell the story of what happened after the animal died. One of the pelvic fragments showed signs of penetration by beetle larvae. Jeremy Lockwood, co-author of the study and a doctoral student at the University of Portsmouth and the Museum of natural history, said: "this is an interesting idea. This huge 'killer' eventually became the food of many insects."

The Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom is a place that provides a large number of fascinating fossils, including the fossils of a cousin of Tyrannosaurus Rex, some new echinosaurus species and a close relative of Velociraptor that may climb trees.

The research team intends to carefully observe the dinosaur's skeleton to calculate its age and growth rate, and reveal more secrets of this impressive predator.

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