A Model 3 In Washington Soared 25 Meters Into The Dense Forest And Crashed Into The Scrapped Driver, Only Slightly Injured

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A tragic new Tesla Model 3 car accident occurred in the United States. According to the trailer company Black Lake hanging, the model 3 was originally parked in the JC Penny parking lot of the Olympia shopping center in Washington, but suddenly accelerated unexpectedly. The car soared into the air, hit a 6-meter-high tree trunk, flew more than 20 meters in the air, finally rebounded through several trees, and stopped in the dense forest more than 40 meters away from the parking lot**


The scene was a mess. The front bumper, roof and trunk of the car fell off. It seemed that other parts of the car body except the chassis were seriously deformed and were declared scrapped.

However, it is amazing that the driver is not only not in danger of life, but also only slightly injured. Under such a tragic accident, the passenger compartment of model 3 is extremely strong.

Although people will guess whether the driver's accelerator is the brake or whether the driver is suffering from automatic driving ventilation when listening to "sudden acceleration", the actual situation is not the case, but the driver himself was ill at that time.

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