About 17.3% Of The African Population Has Completed Two Doses Of New Crown Vaccine

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According to the latest data released by the African Center for Disease Control and prevention on June 10, African countries have so far obtained 818million doses of new coronavirus vaccine, of which about 579million doses have been vaccinated The African Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that about 17.3% of the African population has completed two doses of vaccination, and 10 African countries have vaccinated more than 35% of the population with the new crown vaccine.


Seychelles, Mauritius, Rwanda, Morocco, Botswana and other countries have the highest vaccination rates.

Ahmed ogwell, acting director of the African Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that 37 African countries are providing enhanced vaccination for their nationals. He called on all countries to provide booster shots to citizens who have been fully vaccinated against the new crown vaccine. (CCTV reporter mapeimin)

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