After 00, The Guy Blew Up The Intangible Cultural Heritage Lion. Netizen: Reluctant To Talk

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Xingshi is an important business card of Guangdong, but have you ever seen "Xingshi" that can be fried Chenxiaodong, a post-00s chef from Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province, has integrated traditional lion awakening elements into the heart of Chinese point, creating "lion awakening crispy", which has become popular on the Internet It is reported that chenxiaodong started to make Xingshi crisp when he participated in the competition in 2020. Due to the limited time of the competition, all the products are simple versions. Later, he continued to improve and achieved the current results.


After the lifelike "Lion" was put into the pot, it was "fried alive" directly. Even the fluff was clear. After reading it, netizens said that it was too good-looking to let go.

The whole production process of Xingshi crisp takes a long time, which takes fourorfive hours. Because each Xingshi crisp has about five colors, and it takes about an hour for each color to open.

Before opening the crisp, it is basically necessary to open fourorfive crisp layers in advance at the same time, and then cut the crisp first, and then cut the hairy skirt.

In addition to the basic skills of opening crispness, the final finished product assembly is also a technical skill. It is necessary to put together the eyebrows, mouth, eyes and other small parts of Xingshi one by one, which is more difficult to control than LEGO toys.

Now, chenxiaodong has nearly 10 students' Union to make Xingshi crisp. He said that he hoped that the students would learn more simply, not only for the competition, but also for them to like Chinese pastry and innovate on this basis. This is the real inheritance.

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