All Contents Of The Xbox Press Conference Will Be Launched Within 12 Months, Including The Song Of Silk

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The joint press conference of Xbox and news agency B announced the latest information about a large number of games in the early morning of this morning. One of its biggest surprises was a brief introduction to "empty Knight: Song of silk", which will be the first to join XGP. Although the trailer itself does not give the release date of "empty Knight: Song of silk", according to Xbox officials, it will be launched in the next 12 months.


Before the launch, xbox "All the content you see today will be launched within the next 12 months," the official twitter Post said. A user asked in a tweet whether this included "empty Knight: Song of silk". Xbox also replied: "it's just like what we said.".

Interestingly, some users also pointed out that "empty Knight: Song of silk" did not appear in the "playable within 12 months" list displayed at the end of the press conference, and some players were worried that this was not part of the promise of Xbox. But it still appeared in an Xbox official video clip, which mainly highlights the games to be launched next year.

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