All The Dialogues In Starry Sky Are In The First Person, And The Protagonist Is Not Voiced

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Agency B confirmed that the dialogue scene of star will be in the first person, and the protagonist will not have voice over In the game "radiation 4", Club B used the protagonist with voice over. However, all the dialogue scenes in the game are in the third person mode, which is often complained by fans. Many people use mod to modify this setting. After the "starry sky" demonstration, some fans worried that "starry sky" would be the same as "radiation 4". In response, news agency B released a tweet confirming that the dialogue in starry sky is in the first person and that the protagonist will not have voice over.

The protagonist is a mute. Players can only imagine what kind of voice he is

In fact, although the protagonist of "radiation 4" has dubbing, star is following the old path of some games before Club B. Some games developed by Club B, such as ancient scrolls 5: the sky and radiation 3, have protagonists who don't speak.

Previously, the dialogue of radiation 4 was controversial among fans because some people thought its dialogue choice was too simple. Agency B seems to have made a simple response to this feedback, that is, to return to the effective content, which means a more subtle dialogue with NPC. Earlier this year, ign learned that the dialogue mechanism of starry sky will get some inspiration from ancient scroll 4: oblivion.

According to yesterday's demonstration, it can be seen that the game integrates a variety of game elements such as exploration, collection, manufacturing and action. In addition to creating their own appearance and shape, players can also create their own characters through skills and characteristics. When exploring the planet, players can also establish their own outposts as their own bases and resource production stations. According to officials, there are 100 galaxies and more than 1000 planets waiting for players to explore.

The diverse environment of starry sky

Through the previous demonstration, we can see that star sky supports first person and third person. Only in the first person.

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