AMD Will Become TSMC's Largest 5nm Customer Next Year

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At the analyst conference a few days ago, amd announced the roadmap for a new generation of cpu/gpu. Starting from this year's zen4 architecture, AMD's process will be upgraded to 5nm and improved 4nm nodes, and Rx 7000 Series graphics cards will follow suit. Next year, AMD will become the largest customer of TSMC's 5nm process. Among TSMC's customers, Apple has been at the VVIP level in recent years, and advanced production capacity is given priority to apple. In the initial stage, even Apple's private premises. take 5nm as an example, mass production will begin in 2019, and apple has used 5nm and improved 4nm processes on the third generation processors**


Amd has replaced Huawei as TSMC's second largest customer, but the advanced technology still depends on Apple According to the progress of this year, the 5nm zen4 processor was only launched this year. It is also because Apple's chip technology has gradually shifted to 4nm and 3nm processes, and 5nm orders have the opportunity to follow the volume**

According to the roadmap released by AMD, zen4 architecture and zen4 architecture processors are 5nm or improved 4nm processes, and it is possible for zen5 to go to 3nm in the later stage, but that will be after 2024 at least.

With the withdrawal of apple and the increase of AMD's orders, AMD is expected to be the largest 5nm process customer of TSMC in 2023. At that time, the production capacity of the Reebok 7000 and Rx 7000 graphics cards should be more guaranteed.

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