Depp And Ameber's Trial Notes Were Auctioned To Record The Expression And Interaction Of The Jury

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Recently, Johnny Depp, who caused a sensation in the world, brought a libel case against his ex-wife amebo Hilde. The final result was that amebo was convicted of three libel crimes and had to pay various damages of US $15million to Depp. One of her counterclaims was supported by the jury, and Depp had to pay her 2million dollars in compensation.

The gourd eaters also noticed that a lawyer who was on the spot to listen to the trial recorded a note on the jury's response and put it up for auction on eBay.

Since the live broadcast of the court did not record the jury, and Larry thought that "the jury's response is very important", he recorded a large number of jury's responses, such as their facial expressions, responses to witnesses and interactions among jury members, in a notebook, a total of 60 pages,

On June 1, Larry put the note on eBay for sale. The page read "top secret", saying that there was "top secret information never seen" in the note.

The sale took the form of auction. The starting price was 99 cents. By the end of the auction on June 8, it had been called for more than 100 times, and finally it was concluded with us $14969 (about 100425 yuan).

Larry plans to donate the money from the auction to the Los Angeles children's hospital. Larry not only auctioned his notes, but also hung two wrist bands that listeners need to wear when they enter the site. Every time the case is heard, the top 100 people in line can get a wristband and have the opportunity to sit in.

Larry said in the product description of the wristband on the 27th that (you can) have a history of popular culture and support a great cause, the Los Angeles children's hospital. Rare item, intact. The wristband was not cut.

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