American Social Giant Wants To Build Data Center In Holland Local Government: Land Will Not Be Sold To You

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On June 10, Beijing time, the Dutch Housing Minister said that the Dutch government had not sold the land in Zeewolde to Facebook owner meta because the company did not meet the conditions for using the land. It is reported that the region approved a huge plan to build a data center in December last year. Facebook, instagram and WhatsApp will all provide services for users in Europe from here.


The data center will use 1.38gwh of power, covering 166 hectares of farmland. It is expected to use green energy and create 400 permanent jobs.

But meta shelved this plan in March this year. Although the Dutch government tried to attract foreign investment in data centers, public opinion expressed opposition. Some environmentalists said they did not want the limited sustainable power supply in the Netherlands to be used by multinational companies.

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