With A Lamp Inserted In The Nostril, The IQ Has Risen And Become Popular In Silicon Valley. 30000 Yuan Is Enough

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The cheapest model is 1799 US dollars, and the RMB is tens of thousands.

The function description is even more outrageous :

Improve brain and general health.

Improve brain and general health.

This product claims to improve cognition and consolidate memory for mental workers.

For athletes, it can also enhance physical coordination and reaction speed, improve sports performance and recovery ability.

It can even improve Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke and other difficult diseases

**△ product promotional film

It feels like a little advertisement about "curing all diseases" 100 years ago.

So is this a new type of cut leek?

Let's have a steak.

Is this thing reliable or not?

As for efficacy, this company can not just say with one mouth, but can come up with a lot of relevant scientific research for endorsement.

A long-term trial of 228 people was also approved in the United States and Canada.

In principle, it is clear.

It mainly relies on photobiomodulation .

The general principle is that living cells will undergo a series of metabolism and reactions when stimulated by light.

Using this characteristic to apply a certain frequency and wavelength of light to living cells can adjust their changes.

In 1967, this mechanism was discovered by scientists, and photobiological regulation therapy was born.

In the following decades, academic circles have successively found that light stimulation is helpful for wound healing, pain relief, inflammation relief and cancer side effects.

What is its working mechanism?

Taking the regulation of light regulation on traumatic brain injury and stroke as an example, we can talk about it.

The paper entitled photobiomodulation for traumatic brain injury and stroke introduces:

When light irradiates the head, light of different wavelengths will be absorbed by two different chromophores.

Among them, red light and near-infrared light (600-940nm) are mainly absorbed by cytochrome c oxidase in cortical neurons.

Near infrared light with longer wavelength (980, 1064nm) is mainly absorbed by ion channels with transient receptor potential.

As a result, stimulation of the activity of mitochondria will up regulate signaling cells and messenger molecules, including reactive oxygen species (ROS) and ATP.

Appropriate ROS can promote DNA double strand break repair and cell survival. ATP provides energy for cell metabolism and is also conducive to cell regeneration.

Research shows that photobiological regulation therapy is more used in patients with chronic brain injury, and the activity, memory and sleep of some patients have improved.

Tests on healthy volunteers have also shown that this therapy can increase blood flow in the local brain and help improve memory and cognitive function.

In addition, there are many studies on the effect of focusing light biological regulation on improving human function.

For example, scientific reports published an article in June last year, indicating that photobiological regulation has a certain effect on the activity recovery of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in the elderly.

In addition, a paper published in science direct shows that photobiological regulation therapy can not improve the effect of sports training.

And Chinese scientists have also dabbled in this aspect.

Last year, South China Normal University published a paper on stem cell reports, indicating that photobiological regulation can also promote hair regeneration.

Generally speaking, at present, the research results in this field are not very rich, and most of them are published in popular journals, and the relevant reports in mainstream journals are relatively rare.

Its therapeutic effect has not yet been fully recognized, but is regarded as a method of alternative medicine.

The most famous scholar in this field is Michael R Hamblin, associate professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School.

He is now a principal researcher at Wellman light medical center, Massachusetts General Hospital.

There is also some cooperation with vielight, the manufacturer of nostril insertion equipment.

What company is this

Vielight is from Canada. Its founder, Lew Lim, is an engineer and graduated from UC Berkeley.

He started the commercial development of nasal light biological regulating device in 2003, and the company was officially established in 2011.

The products are also for athletes, mental workers and patients with various brain diseases.

This "all inclusive" propaganda caliber has also aroused the suspicion and ridicule of many netizens.

If someone offered me 50000 yuan, I could make a better scam.

If someone offered me 50000 yuan, I could make a better scam.

It's just putting Christmas lights in my nose. I always do this and I've always been an idiot.

It's just putting Christmas lights in my nose. I always do this and I've always been an idiot.

The company tried to break into the Chinese market a while ago, but it didn't seem to be very successful.

However, Silicon Valley bosses have experienced it early and commented that it is "very cool".

He is the father of Silicon Valley biohacker dave asprey**.

He was the founder of the bulletproof coffee diet that exploded before.

This person is also the ultimate lover of various health preservation projects. He has tried to sleep in hyperbaric oxygen chamber and eat supplements. He also claims to live to the age of 180.

Up to now, this is not the only company eyeing the light biological regulation equipment, but vieligh has a patent on the "nostril insertion" technology.

Joovv, another company, produces near-infrared light panels of various sizes, which can be used to irradiate the whole body. The price is also $5000.

Joovv has reached a cooperation with the football team in San Francisco to accelerate the recovery of athletes. The equipment starts like this.

Well, I just don't know how different it is from the 79 yuan infrared physiotherapy lamp on Taobao.

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