Analysts Believe That Smooth Switching Between AR And VR May Be A Major Feature Of Apple's Head Show

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Analyst guomingpei proposed that Apple's hybrid reality head display can easily switch between virtual reality and augmented reality, which may become one of the key selling points of the head display Apple's long rumored AR and VR head displays have been called hybrid reality devices for many times. It will also provide users with VR and AR content. This dual ability may be a key way for apple to strongly intervene in the market


Guomingfu, an analyst at Tianfeng securities, said on twitter on Sunday: "people generally know what the AR experience is like and how VR works. But for most people, it is hard to imagine what kind of innovative experience a smooth switch between AR and VR can provide. A clean and simple switch between AR and VR may be Apple One of the key selling points of head display "

In the second tweet, Guo insisted that a complete hybrid reality head mounted display "is not only the hardware that can support ar and VR at the same time, but also the ability to integrate AR and VR and switch smoothly in different scenarios. This recognition based on early products is the main reason why gou used" ar/mr "to describe apple head mounted display.

Guomingfu finally proposed that the head mounted display may be put on the shelves in the second quarter of 2023. On June 7, he announced the possible listing schedule of the head mounted display on twitter, and believed that Apple would hold a press conference for the device in January next year to show it to the public for the first time.

It is reported that this head mounted display has experienced a difficult development process, but it is said that it has reached an "advanced" development stage and has been demonstrated to the Apple board of directors.

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