FreeDesktop. Org Gitlab Was Paralyzed Due To Hard Disk Failure, And The Development Of Dozens Of Open Source Projects Was Suspended

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The centralized development of mesa, server and dozens of other open source projects came to a standstill this weekend because of freedesktop The gitlab of. Org crashed, resulting in the paralysis of the entire service. FreeDesktop. The gitlab of. Org hosts mesa,, Wayland, and many other open source libraries, such as libreoffice and GStreamer. In addition, it also hosts the personal development libraries of many developers participating in these projects, and coordinates upstream development through gitlab's merge request, CI and related functions.

As of press time, freedesktop Gitlab. Org has been closed for the past 12 hours, and has not returned to the normal forecast time. FreeDesktop. The root domain URL of was also affected for a time, because the two solid-state drives supporting it were also damaged.

FreeDesktop. Org administrators have been trying to restore hard disk raid for the past few hours, but so far there has been no result.

The real-time status of this serious fault and recovery can be found through the IRC channel of freedesktop:

They are trying to restore the service and hope to restore the contents of all failed disks. Due to the dispersion of GIT and the mirroring of many of these warehouses on gitlab, there should be no important data loss in the end. However, there are still thorny problems to be solved, such as a large number of waiting merge requests and other pending data and configuration problems in gitlab.

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