ASUS Launches Expertcenter Pn64 And Pn52 Mini PCs

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After the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022) at the beginning of the year and the Computex 2022 in May, ASUS once again introduced the two mini PCs, expertcenter pn64 and expertcenter pn52** It can be seen that it takes into account both performance and shape design, and aims to seamlessly integrate into the office / commercial environment.

(from: ASUS official website)

Even with a compact volume of only 1L, the expertcenter pn64 / pn52 has a restructured cooling design, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of the latest Intel / AMD processors.

In addition, myasus software provides two-way AI noise reduction, which can bring clear voice communication, supplemented by intelligent fan notification, system diagnosis and other functions.

Pn64 front i/o

ExpertCenter PN64 Mini PC Size 120 × one hundred and thirty × 58mm, with rich i/o connection options, can drive up to four monitors (DP + HDMI + usb-c).

The machine adopts Intel 12th generation core processor, which is stored as ddr5-4800 memory + PCIe 4.0 X4 m.2 SSD combination (quick release design for easy upgrade), and has 5 USB ports.

Pn64 backplane i/o

It is worth mentioning that ASUS provides a configurable port for pn64, allowing flexible selection of DP 1.4 / HDMI 2.1 / VGA / COM / 2.5 GBE Ethernet and other combinations.

There is also a configurable port for efficient work scenarios. To increase flexibility, pn64 is designed to allow fast access to storage and memory modules for easy upgrade.

It is officially announced that the 12th generation CPU can bring twice the performance experience of the old model, and can easily cope with intensive business operations. In addition, ddr5 memory also brings higher data transmission rate and productivity than DDR4.

After reading the Intel platform, let's introduce the [expertcenter pn52] with AMD Reebok 5000h mobile processor (integrated radeon graphics core display)( ) Model.

The pn52 is equipped with two PCIe 3.0 X4 (m.2 2280) SSD slots + a 2.5-inch SATA 6 Gbps drive bit (HDD / SSD support), supplemented by dual HDMI + 7 USB ports.

Compared with pn51 model, pn52 claims to bring up to 27% / 19% single core and multi-threaded performance improvement.

The pcmark 10 essentials benchmark shows an 11% improvement in web browsing, video conferencing, and application startup time.

In addition, pn52 also has a 22% leading edge over pn51 in the daily office / productivity test project.

In addition, the pn64 / pn52 models include a number of heat dissipation improvements, and can connect up to four 4K or one 8K monitors.

In addition to easily expanding the workspace, they are also suitable for applications such as splicing TV walls in stores, restaurants, hotels or public places.

The bidirectional AI noise reduction function makes it very suitable for users in education, office or SOHO environment.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the upgradeable maintenance design that is easy to disassemble and assemble and a USB 3.2 type-C port that supports dp1.4 audio and video output, the rear usb-c port of the new expertcenter also supports PD power input.

ASUS expertcenter pn64 / pn52 Mini PC configuration comparison

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