In The Future, Only Pro Flagship Will Be Equipped With Three-stage Keys. Liu Zuohu Previously Said That The Cost Of One Hundred Million

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The three-stage button is a symbolic element of Yijia brand, which enables users to quickly switch between the three modes of silence, vibration and ringing. In the latest rendering of today's network outflow, the upcoming one plus 10t will no longer be equipped with three-stage keys The whistleblower yogesh Brar said that only the flagship model of Pro will be equipped with three-stage keys, while the non pro one plus high-end models and Nord models will not be equipped


In 2020, liuzuohu published a blog post saying: "Yijia may be the only brand that retains the three-stage button design in the Android machine. Since five years ago, we have paid a lot of costs, such as the body occupation and the hundred million level cost, but the high praise shows its value". Liuzuohu believes that the three-stage button "once used, it is difficult to go back", once used, it is very difficult to go back.

After the release of Yijia ace in May this year, Li Jie, President of Yijia China, explained why Yijia ace canceled the three-stage button

On ACE, we cancel the three-stage mute key, which is not a decision purely from the perspective of cost, but more a choice or balance. Compared with other slightly larger electrical products, the space of mobile phones is very limited. Adding this button takes up a large amount of internal space. In Yijia ace, we want to achieve first-class signal and heat dissipation, and we also pursue long-range and fast charging. These components have high requirements for internal space. However, mobile phones should be light and thin every day. After comprehensive evaluation, we made a choice, In ace series, the three-stage mute key is cut off.

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