"Black Picket" Renews The Fourth Season

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In view of the good start of this season, the audience rating increased by 17 percentage points compared with the premiere of the second quarter, and increased by 234% compared with the premiere of the first quarter, Amazon took advantage of the situation to set the fourth quarter. The first season of the play will be broadcast in 2019, and eight episodes will be released at one time; In view of the strong response, the second season was changed to the self indulgent weekly broadcast, and won five Emmy nominations.

Carl urban, who plays the butcher, revealed in an interview in March this year that the relevant shooting tasks will continue until the end of the year. At that time, the filming of the third season had been completed. People could not help wondering what he was doing. He was busy until the end of the year.

At present, it is known that "the black picket" has a derivative animation series "the boys presents: diabolic", and a derivative live action series focusing on the super energy Youth College. The third season of "the black picket", which is currently being broadcast, will usher in the season finale on July 8.

In addition, the classic action game "Duke of destruction" will be adapted into a film. The legendary film industry, which has produced big productions such as "dune" and "Godzilla", is responsible for film shooting.

The game adaptation works represented by "mysterious sea" and "Sonic the hedgehog" have recently become popular in the film and television industry, and the game IP that was once shelved by few people has become a hot pastry.

Gearbox, which owns the IP of the Duke of destruction, tried to put the old guy's story on the screen four years ago. Unfortunately, it was an untimely time, and its cooperation with paramount ended in vain. Recently, gearbox was busy making the film "the land of ownerless" with Lions Gate film, so it lent Duke to legendary film to see what the creative team with Josh head, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg as the core could do.

These three people developed Cobra Kai, the spiritual sequel of Longwei kid, for Netflix, and became famous in the first World War.

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