Blizzard Promises That Diablo 4 Will Not Charge For Mobile Games: The Appearance Is The Main Payment

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Recently, Diablo: immortality, a mobile game jointly developed by Blizzard and Netease, has gained a lot of popularity. While receiving a large amount of bad reviews from players, it has also attracted countless gold. Just today, Blizzard also revealed that Diablo 4 will continue to be updated after its release, which can not help arousing the players' "PTSD" . At that time, rumors that Diablo 4 will use mobile games such as immortality to charge have swept all major player communities.


In response, Adam Fletcher, head of Blizzard global community, made an urgent response, promised that the main payment point of Diablo 4 would be the optional appearance and makeup and other expanded content, and said that he would share more information soon**

From this description, the charging mode of Diablo 4 is likely to be similar to that of Destiny 2. It will continue to expand the game content by means of expansion films or DLC, and charge by selling skin.

For players, the skin charge that does not affect attributes will be a more acceptable payment mode, and the income earned by the watch pioneer by unpacking the skin is enough to prove the players' desire to pay in this regard**

However, for Blizzard designers, it will be a big challenge to design the appearance skin that conforms to the dark tone of Diablo and continue to attract players to buy.

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