Bloggers Again Revealed That The Worst One Hour Service Life Of IOS 16 Beta Was Reduced From 100% To 78%

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Today, blogger @jon Prosser complained on the social platform roast that IOS 16 has the worst endurance Blogger @ben geskin also feels the problem of "poor endurance of IOS 16". He wrote on the social platform that after the iPhone 13 Pro was upgraded to the IOS 16 beta version, the phone became significantly hot after 20 minutes of use, and the screen brightness decreased, after one hour of use, the battery power decreased from 100% to 78%, and the battery life decreased significantly


More surprisingly, @ben geskin after upgrading to IOS 16 beta, iphone 13 Pro battery health reduced from 100% to 97%

In fact, not only did overseas netizens encounter problems, domestic netizens also reported that IOS 16 had problems such as app flash back, heating and poor endurance**

For example, wechat flash back includes switching wechat accounts, occasionally flashing back when brushing the circle of friends, occasionally flashing back when opening a small video, etc. On IOS 16, other problems with the wechat app include: the wechat regular chat interface will get stuck in the previous chat records and cannot decline; Wechat right click to return to the upper level, intermittent failure of gestures, etc.

As in previous years, there are many bugs in the first beta version of IOS 16, it is generally not recommended to update the main console and ordinary iPhone users who do not like to toss**

For small partners who want to try something new as soon as possible, it is recommended to wait until the more stable IOS 16 public beta version is pushed. For ordinary users who do not like to toss, it is recommended to wait until the official version is released in September.

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